Congratulations: your campsite has been nominated!

As you know, ANWB approached the Election a little differently this year. An independent international jury has already done a lot of preparatory work and, among other things, designated your campsite as one of the favourites. A total of 60 campsites out of the more than 8,000 campsites have been nominated, divided into three categories. The fact that you have been nominated in this category is a fantastic achievement in itself.

But you can make sure that you win this election in your category. From July 20th to October 30th, your guests can vote for your campsite; so shout it from the rooftops, mobilize your supporters and campaign! Who knows, your campsite may win this coveted award.

We will send you the poster, the regulations and the official logos for your own use on (social) media in a separate email on the 20th of July. From this date, your guests can vote via:

We look forward to seeing you at the award ceremony on January 11, 2023. An official invitation and more information about the award ceremony and the entire program will be sent to you by email at the end of this year.